thursday, October 29th 2020

General information

Once this personal evaluation has been completed and analysed, it will become a precious tool for understanding yourself better as a salesman. We suggest that you make yourself comfortable and make sure that you won't be disrupted while answering the questions. There is no "success" or "failure" but only useful information.
Each of the 22 questions in this assessment has 6 propositions. Select the answers which correspond to you the best (there are anywhere from 1 to 5 possible answers)

For the best results

Be honest with yourself. Fill in the questionnaire once you are relaxed and in a normal frame of mind. Give yourself half an hour without any interruption.
Only choose answers that pertain to you.
We remind you that you can make anywhere from 1 to 5 choices for each question.
Before starting, we ask that you be relaxed prior to choosing your answers.


The analysis of this assessment will be made easier if you can make 3 to 4 choices for each of the 22 questions without leaving any of them out.
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